Information governance sits alongside clinical governance and focuses on the way NHS and social care organisations handle information. Information governance allows organisations and individuals to ensure that personal information is handled legally, securely, efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver the best possible care.

Our clinical information system (SystmOne) allows all consultations with patients to be recorded in their computerised record. Although we still keep the old paper records these are rarely used these days as we have transferred all relevant information from them to our computer system.

The NHS in England is working towards having full electronic patient records so that basic patient data is accessible to clinicians throughout the NHS, enabling health care staff faster, easier access to reliable information about patients, and thereby helping with their treatment wherever they are in the country. This is known as the NHS Care Records Service (CRS) and once you are on the system, you will have a summary care record. Your records will automatically become part of the CRS over the next few years, unless you object. Records of patients in Lincolnshire are not yet included in the CRS. For more information on the CRS, have a look at their website:

Accessing your Health Record

Access to health records is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998, Access to Health Records Act 1990 and Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.If you wish to have access to your health record you should write to the practice manager who will explain the process or you could register for SystmOnline and ask for full record view.