If you have diabetes we need to see you at least once a year for a review of your symptoms and medication. If your diabetes is kept well controlled you should be able to lead a normal and healthy life. A week or two before your review you will be asked to have a blood test with a phlebotomist to check your thyroid, liver and blood count. The results from this blood test will be discussed with you during your review with the nurse. At a diabetes review the nurse will:

  • Check your blood glucose control
  • Check your kidney function
  • Check your cholesterol
  • Review the results of your blood tests
  • Measure your weight
  • Examine your legs and feet
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Conduct a questionnaire to monitor symptoms of depression
  • Discuss and possibly adjust your medication

In addition, your eyes will be checked annually at the hospital or at a mobile screening unit (retinopathy testing). You should also ensure that you have the annual flu vaccination and the one-off pneumococcal vaccination. To book an appointment for a diabetes review, contact the surgery and ask for a diabetes review appointment with a nurse.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease and one which many people suffer from without knowing. It is predicted that over the next ten years the number of people with diabetes will double. Diabetes occurs because the body can’t use glucose properly, either owing to a lack of the hormone insulin, or because the insulin available doesn’t work effectively. There are two types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. Type 1 usually starts in childhood or young adulthood. Type 2 is the more common disease and tends to affect people over 40. Both are serious conditions which require regular monitoring and treatment in order to prevent further health complications.

Further Information